Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring of China-----Reed Rd

Libby and I were shopping at TJ Max on Henderson Rd as lunch time approached. If your familiar with the area, there is a ton of different places to eat in that area. Ive been craving Chinese for the last couple of weeks, however, Libby's on a diet:( which sucks for me! lol But this time was different, Libby was starving so her guard was down.....Chinese it is!

Considering it was 12:15pm and I have to work at @ 2pm, we wanted something quick. We started for Noodles but noticed Spring of China. Noodles looked busy so we ended up at SOC.

We were promptly seated in a booth near the front. Initial service was prompt, drinks were brought out right away. We started with Veggie Egg Rolls to start. I was very impressed with a couple things. First, the presentation. 2 egg rolls cut in half equally for pieces. They were cut diagonal/on bias. Accompanied were the usual spicy mustard and sweet and sour sauce. What was great about this though, they brought 4 other dishes. Spicy cabbage, Spicy bitter root, veggie pancake and pickled radish. All were outstanding. Especially the spicy bitter root. Great flavor and amazing texture that seemed to just crunch in your mouth. It really made for a great start to our meal.
Next up was our meals. Libby ordered the Orange Chicken. I ordered the Empress Chicken with white meat. This was quickly shot down by the Chef, explaining that EC is pre-made in the morning with dark meat. Ok, no problem. Sesame Chicken it is. Now, I always order all white meat at Chinese restaurants my first time there. This prevents what I like to call "Mystery Bites". Do I even need to explain.....
Really we didn't have to wait probably more then 10 minutes for our entrees. Its wasn't until now that I realized that we both had ordered fried rice but were served white. Oh well. For being Lunch Specials, the portion sizes were HUGE! I mean, probably 2 or 3 full meals. Both of our meals were good, although, there was really nothing special about them. I was slightly disappointed that the chicken was just your standard breaded chicken breast that every Chinese place uses. Think Sweet n Sour chicken.
Instead of a Fortune Cookie, they served sliced Cantaloupe. That was a nice addition.

2 lunch specials and 1 appetizer = $23.00

Overall *** out of 5 stars mainly because of the outstanding appetizer.

Pros: Portion size/appetizer/price
Cons: Pretty basic/selection of white meat entrees

If your hungry for Chinese and are looking for something reasonably priced, Spring Of China should be on your list.

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